Ready to improve your store with Magento extensions? We develop custom Magento plugins for different aims like store optimization, management, sales, marketing, etc. On this Magento modules catalog, you can discover various Magento 2 extensions to meet your business goals. On the product pages, try demos of Magento plugins to get experience from both sides as an admin and as a user. To easily found what you want or need, we add clear and full descriptions to Magento modules. If you need something exceptional, send us a request on Magento plugin development or Magento extension customization.



  1. Metadata Templates

    Fill in metadata fast by using templates and improve on-page SEO.

  2. XML Sitemap

    Generate XML sitemap for search engines to easily crawl website.

  3. ZeroBounce Email Validator

    Increase the efficiency of marketing campaigns with real-time email validator.

  4. LN Discount & Labels

    Enrich your e-store with a great option to increase sales in discounts period. 

  5. Discount Filter

    Help customers to find the most advantageous offers in your store.

  6. Zendesk Chat Integration M2

    Communicate with customers by integrating a chat into your store. 

  7. Cookie Mode Pro M2

    Improve store with a popup and cookie settings page for visitors to handle them.

  8. Theme Widgets Transfer Pro M2

    Manage widgets of your e-stores easily: duplicate, edit or delete them. 

  9. Google reCAPTCHA v2 M2

    Protect your e-store from bots attacks and abuse with Google reCAPTCHA v2. 

  10. GDPR Compliance M2

    Make your store ready for GDPR and manage personal data in the secure way.

  11. Discount Labels Display

    Increase the number of purchases in the sales period with discount labels.

  12. My Orders Link & Image M2

    Enhance customers’ loyalty by equipping ‘My Orders’ page with visual elements.

  13. Theme Solutions Switcher M2

    Upgrade the default theme with a wide variety of theme solutions in a few clicks. 

  14. Grid Colouring M2

    Make your work easier by highlighting important information.

  15. Store Locator & SEO M2

    Place your stores on Google Maps and make them SEO-friendly

  16. Maintenance Mode M2

    Design a beautiful page to be placed when your site is down for maintenance. 

  17. NetPay Payment M2

    Allow safe payments in your Magento store made via NetPay Hosted Forms.

  18. Coupon Sender for Reorder M2

    Recover one-time buyers with automatically sent discount coupons

  19. Admin Email Notifier M2

    Easily track all key events of your store that will come straight to your inbox

  20. Pre Order M2

    Sell out-of-stock items in advance getting payment as usual

  21. Video Tab M2

    Place YouTube/Vimeo video on your product pages in less than a minute

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