Admin Email Notifier M2

Compatible Version
Community 2.2, 2.1, 2.0

All key events of your store coming staring to your inbox

  • Stay updated with everything happening in your store.
  • Get customizable email notifications right to your inbox.
  • Select email template for each event.
  • Specify multiple recipients.
  • Enable\disable notifications to keep track of only relevant events.

Searching for the way to accelerate your e-store daily management process? Admin Email Notifier allows you getting custom email notifications about new subscriptions & order management what’s really important to you without having to constantly check Magento admin panel.


Free updates
30-day money back
1-Year support
100% open source
How it works

With Admin Email Notifier reaching full control of your store is a matter of few clicks. All you need is to open the Admin Notifier main (and only) window and mark the types of events you’d like to stay in the know. Save and close. Now everything which matters to you will go straight to your inbox allowing you to view the information about this event immediately.

With Magento Order Management extension, you can track, Has a new order being placed? View the sum, customer’s name, and status. A customer left a negative review? Resolve the issue without putting it on the back burner until other customers would read it and change their purchase decision.

The extension is simple yet solves two major problems every administrator faces:

  1. You don’t have to run your Magento admin panel in the background all the time to make sure you are not missing something important.
  2. You ARE NOT missing anything important!

In addition, for each type of event, you may choose a template and specify a separate email address. Thus if you have multiple admin users, you may rest assured that only the right people in your team are alerted about the right event. 


Main Features

All settings are made within a single window where you select the type of events you’d like to keep track of, e.g. new order, customer, subscriber, etc with Magento Subscription Extension & order management admin plugin etc and specify a separate email address for Ьagento order management and store notifications.


  • New order has been placed.
  • The status of the order has been changed.
  • New customer has been registered.
  • New product reviews left.
  • A discount coupon has been used.
  • A contact subscribes or unsubscribes.
  • A product is out of stock or will be soon out of stock.
  • An admin account was locked.


Create your own e-mail templates for each type of response. Add them once to your Admin Email Notifier and always reply with a relevant message.

Add multiple recipients

Specify one general email for all events you need or indicate multiple recipients for each type of event to inform the right admin user about something new in the store.
Email notification sending queue

All notifications are sent in turn by cron not to overload the server.
APRIL 27, 2018 (VER. 1.2.0)
Added new features
NOVEMBER 22, 2017 (VER. 1.1.0)
Refactoring, adding of unit and integration tests
JULY 05, 2017 (VER. 1.0.4)
Several minor bug fixes
MARCH 17, 2017 (VER. 1.0.3)
Initial version
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