Admin Email Notifier M2

Compatible Version
Community 2.2, 2.1, 2.0

Searching for the way to accelerate your e-store daily management process? Admin Email Notifier allows you getting custom email notifications about new subscriptions & order management what’s really important to you without having to constantly check Magento admin panel.

  • Stay updated with everything happening in your store.
  • Get customizable email notifications right to your inbox.
  • Select email template for each event.
  • Specify multiple recipients.
  • Enable\disable notifications to keep track of only relevant events.
  • Make all configuration in one admin panel section.


Free updates
30-day money back
1-Year support
100% open source


With Admin Email Notifier reaching full control of your store is a matter of few clicks. All you need is to select the types of events you’d like to be notified. Everything which matters to you will go straight to your inbox allowing you to view the information about this event immediately.

With Magento Order Management extension, you can track new orders, order status change, reviews, customer registration, newsletter subscription and unsubscription. As well, you will know whether a product is or will be soon out of stock and how good the sales are. Moreover, you can increase your security as you will get notification if someone fails logging in as admin.

The magento extension simply solves two major problems every administrator faces:

  1. You don’t have to run your Magento admin panel in the background all the time to see new events.

  2. You ARE NOT missing anything important!

In addition, for each type of event, you may choose a template and specify a separate email address. Thus if you have multiple admin users, you can be sure that only the right people in your team are alerted about the right event.


Main Features


All settings are made within a single window where you select the type of events you’d like to keep track of, specify a general email address of set different admin users for order management and store notifications.

Single-Window Configuration


Specify one general email for all the events you want to get notifications. Or indicate multiple recipients for each type of notification to inform the right admin user from your team about something new in the store.

Types Of Notification


Create your own email templates for each type of response. Add them once to your Admin Email Notifier and always reply with a relevant message. If it’s needed you can edit them.

Choose which types of notifications to receive. In general, you can monitor information about orders, customer activity, product sales and availability on stock, locked admin user.


New customer registration

Receive notifications of created new customer accounts. In such a way you don’t need to check how many new clients you gain, you see such info ready in your inbox.
Newsletter subscription/unsubscription

Follow the current state of your subscription rate. In case the number of unsubscribed customers increases, you can act quickly to find out what is wrong with your mailing strategy.
A product added to wishlist

Enabling this notification, you can track what products customers would like to purchase. If they delay buying, it will be easier for you to check out what discount offers to make in the shortest time.
A new order made

Learn about new purchases right after customers make the last click. You can see how your sellings are going on as you get emails with order number after each purchase.
A new coupon usage

Easily monitor how many coupons were applied. You can decide to generate new ones when you know that more customers need them.
A new product review

Has anyone left a comment? The extension immediately sends you a notification. It reduces your response time. In case there is any problem you can react quickly to solve it.
A product is out-of-stock / be soon out of stock

Tired of checking what goods you need to restock? Enabling this notification, you know what products have only few items left or completely out of stock. You specify a minimum product quantity to be informed. Note: it is available for Magento 2.2
Order status change

Choose one or several order statuses (cancelled, closed, complete, payment review, pending, etc.) by using multiselect function. With this notification, you are always aware of how your store orders are been performing.
Product sale monitoring

This type of notification makes easier to monitor the sales of a particular product even if it can be placed in different orders. So you can see how your sales are boosting.
Locked admin user and improved security

Receive a notification about when someone failed to log in to your admin account for several times. The system blocks those users for some time, increasing security of your store.


APRIL 27, 2018 (VER. 1.2.0)
Added new features
NOVEMBER 22, 2017 (VER. 1.1.0)
Refactoring, adding of unit and integration tests
JULY 05, 2017 (VER. 1.0.4)
Several minor bug fixes
MARCH 17, 2017 (VER. 1.0.3)
Initial version
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