Magento Maintenance Mode Extension (Maintenance Mode M2)

Compatible Version
Community 2.2, 2.1

Design a beautiful “Coming soon” page to be placed when your site is down for maintenance. 

  • Change the default Magento’s “Service temporarily unavailable” page to beautifully designed maintenance page.

  • Set a countdown timer, customize a background image, text, and colors.

  • Your visitors will know that your store is under maintenance and come back at the right time.


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30-day money back
1-Year support
100% open source
How it works

There are different reasons why you need to put your store in a maintenance mode. You need to make some changes to your store e.g. to upgrade, install software or perform testing. Or especially if you suspect a hacker attack. By default, Magento has a standard “Service temporarily unavailable” page which may irritate your visitors. It looks neither attractive nor friendly. But most importantly, it doesn’t allow you to place a message that will tell your visitors when you are back online.

Would you like to inform your visitors that your site is under maintenance and will be unavailable only temporarily? Use our Magento Maintenance Mode Extension to design and place an attractive maintenance page. With this, whenever you put your store downtime your visitors will see a beautifully designed maintenance page.


Main Features
Fully customizable

Customize any element on the page with Magento Maintenance Mode Extension - text, colors, and background image. You can upload the image you like or choose your favorite color as a background. You can place a message to notify your visitors that your site is coming soon. Every element is fully customizable. Within a few clicks, you create a maintenance page that looks the way you want.


Counter countdown

Set a countdown timer to let everybody know when you're back online. Select date and time when you plan to complete maintenance and start the countdown. You can even add a message that shows up if the time is out, but the store is still under maintenance. Customers and visitors will know when it is the right time to visit your store.

IP whitelist

Add IP's to the IP whitelist that can access your store’s frontend. Logged-in admin users or anyone from your team can continue working on your site. Your store is down, but your work is not.

Responsive design

Multisite support

Install once - use for as many stores as you have. Our extension supports multiple stores, and you only need to choose the store that is supposed to go for maintenance. You can quickly enable extension via the store's admin panel or from the Developer Console.
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