Licence Agreement

By buying any item from the store, you consent to the accompanying: 

1. This license agreement (hereinafter Agreement) is a contract between you (the individual or organization who is being authorized to utilize the Software or Documentation) and (hereinafter We/us/our). The Agreement applies to all items/software/scripts/services you buy from us. 

2. By acquiring the Software you recognize that you have read this Agreement, and that you consent to the substance of the Agreement and its terms, and agree to utilize the Software in consistence with this Agreement. 

3. The Agreement comes into legitimate power exactly when you order our Software from our website or get it through email or on data holder at the our decision. 

4. We are the copyright owners of the Software. The Software or a segment of it is a copyrightable matter and is protected by the law. Any actions that voids the terms of this Agreement abuses copyright law and will be prosecuted by the current law. We maintain the right to disavow the license of any client who is holding an invalid license. 

5. This Agreement gives you the right to utilize one and only duplicate of the Software on one Magento installation exclusively for your own or business use, subject to every single other term of this Agreement. A different License ought to be obtained for each Magento installation. Any distribution of the Software without our agreement, including noncommercial is viewed as infringement of this Agreement and involves liability, as indicated by the present law. 

6. You may not utilize any part of the code in its entirety or part in some other software or product or site. 

7. You may not give, offer, convey, sub-permit, lease, rent or loan any segment of the Software or Documentation to anybody. You may not put the Software on a server so it is open by means of an open system, for example, the Internet for dispersion purposes. 

8. You will undoubtedly protect the copyright data in place, this incorporates the content/join at base. 

9. We won't be at risk to you for any harms (counting any loss of benefits/sparing, or coincidental or significant) brought about to you, your data and your business emerging out of the utilization or failure to utilize this Software. 

10. We are not at risk for arraignment emerging from utilization of the Software against law or for any unlawful use. 

11. In the event that you neglect to utilize the Software as per the terms and states of this License Agreement, it constitutes a break of the assention, and your permit to utilize the Software is repudiated. 

12. maintains whatever authority is needed to change this permit assention whenever and force its statements at any given time. 

13. Permit understanding stays viable until ended. We hold the privilege to end your permit to utilize the Software whenever, if in its sole caution, you are not complying with the terms of the Agreement, including, however not constrained to, darkening or expelling any connection or copyright notice as determined in this understanding. You may end it whenever by devastating all duplicates of the Software. End of this Agreement does not tie us to return you the sum spent for buy of the Software, if over fourteen days have gone subsequent to the buy date. 

14. On the off chance that you keep on using the Software after gives you notice of end of your permit, you thus consent to acknowledge a directive to charge you from its further utilize and to pay all costs (counting yet not constrained to sensible lawyer expenses) to uphold our renouncement of your permit and any harms endured by us due to your abuse of the Software. 

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