Magento Pre Order Extension (Pre Order M2)

Compatible Version
Community 2.x

Sell out-of-stock products in advance.

  • “Pre-order” button for out-of-stock items.
  • Efficiently manage your backorders with “Pre-order”\”Pre-order when out of stock” options.
  • Track and adjust the order status.
  • Add pre-order notes to particular products e.g. the expected on-sale date.
  • Set the maximum quantity allowed for a particular product.
  • Efficient and risk-free restocking in line with customers’ needs.

You needn’t disable sold out products anymore. Nor need you immerse your customers into eager anticipation of a tardy notification “Your bookmarked item is on sale now.” And thus lose your clients and profit because of untimely restocking.

With Magento Pre Order Extension you can sell the out-of-stock products in advance, easily replacing the “Add to cart” button with “Pre-order”. Your customers may enjoy the usual way of shopping in your store paying for both in-stock and “pre-ordered” items simultaneously added to their carts.


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How it works

Every e-store owner faces a challenge of retaining customers when they take an interest in out-of-stock products. Unless your product is second-to-none, it's likely that your customers will abandon you in favor of the other vendor.

With Magento Pre Order Extension you may secure your profit for all backorders and get payment even for products which are not in stock. You can allow your customers to buy the missing products in advance together with in-stock ones or separately. You may add a pre-order note about the expected on-sale date. You may set the maximum quality allowed for a particular product or sell it without limit. When you need to get a quick overview of all your orders and pre-orders, you may filter them by status (Pending pre-order, Processing Preordering) in the admin panel.

With Pre-order your inventory planning is secure from overstocking, and your profit always remains your profit.


Main Features
‘Pre-order’ button for out-of-stock products

‘Add to cart’ button is replaced with ‘Pre-order’ for all products that are out-of-stock or expected for sale. To enable it, go to Backorders, define the status of a product as “in stock”, and specify qt 0.

‘Pre-order\Pre-order when out of stock’ statuses for backorders

If you expect to add 30 new product units to your inventory set a product status to ‘Pre-order’ and specify its maximum quantity allowed. When 30 pre-orders are made, the product will either disappear from your catalog or automatically become unavailable for orders. If you’d like to sell an unlimited number of this product, set its status as ‘Pre-order when out of stock’.

Track orders via Pre-order statuses

You may quickly view and manage all pre-orders by filtering their statuses ‘Pending Pre-order’, ‘Processing Pre-order’.

Pending Pre-order - the store receives the client’s order and will start its processing.

Processing Pre-order – the order is processing while the product is expected for sale.

Pre-order notes

Add a pre-order note to let your customers know when a product is expected for sale or its amount availability.

Allow placing mixed orders in one cart 

Allow your customers to add pre-ordered and in-stock products to one cart and pay for them simultaneously.

JULY 28, 2016 (VER. 2.10.11)
The field name with pre-order statuses has been corrected.
NOVEMBER 6, 2016 (VER. 2.10.11)
The text field "Pre-order note" of a product has been fixed.
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