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Community 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Become a competitive seller in sales period by making benefit of rebates more evident and eye-catching to immediately draw customers’ attention to particular items in your store. The extension automatically counts the difference between general and special price. And allows showing what percentage, or how much money customers save on vivid discount labels.

  • Counts percentage or amount of saved money.

  • Use three forms of discounts display: label, inscription or both.

  • Choose any of the fifteen labels backgrounds from our collection.

  • Upload custom labels to ideally suit your design.

  • Enter any custom text for static labels.

  • Select the color of text for static and dynamic labels.

  • Display discounts in percentage on labels or in the amount in notes.

  • Choose the way of discounts rounding: integer, tenths, hundredths.

  • Show labels on the product, compare, shopping cart, wish list, catalog pages.

  • Support all types of products.


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You offer huge discounts but don’t understand why customers buy from competitors’ web stores? Are you sure that a customer notices discounts and counts the benefit correctly?  

According to the practice of shopping, 72,3% of customers aren’t pleased to count and choose products where discounts are evident. This experience can be confirmed by a lot of marketing researchers.

Using Discount Labels Display, products on sale become easily noticed by customers and speed up their decision-making process. As it allows easily adding bright labels to any products in your store and displaying them on product and category page.


Main Features

Attract attention to products using labels

Help customers to find the best promotions with discount labels hands down. Also, website visitors can quickly understand the benefit and don’t move to business rivals.
Add discount notes under the product price

If product images are so intense and harmonious that you don’t want to spoil or overload them with additional labels, you can use discount notes to add them under the product price.
Customize labels text

The extension allows entering any text to display on static labels. Also, you can change the color of text on static and dynamic labels to be in harmony with the background.
Choose label background or upload it

Set any of fifteen unique backgrounds from our collection that represents various design. So nobody pass by your promotions. If you want something different, you can upload your own label.
Display labels/notes on 5 pages in your store

Product, compare, shopping cart, wish list, catalog - all these pages are able to display labels and notes on products. Your customers can compare discounts on every shopping stage and choose the most beneficial offer.
Display discounts in three ways

Due to flexible module settings, you can choose how to display discounts depending on your needs and goals: as a label, as an inscription or both. It means that you have a possibility to add only text, or label, or add them both.
Select the type of discount rounding

The module rounds discounts to integer, tenths, or hundredths. If you want to show the precise percentage or amount of rebates, set round to hundredths. Otherwise, round to integer values.
Count percentage and amount of saved money

With the extension, you don’t need to enter a formula or count percentage or amount of discount manually. The algorithm counts reductions and undoubtedly saves your time.


ver. 2.0.1 (October 16, 2018)

New features:

- package of fifteen backgrounds for static/dynamic labels
- possibility to upload custom backgrounds for static/dynamic labels
- possibility to change text of static labels
- possibility to change the color of text on labels

ver. 2.0.2 (January 28, 2019)

- Compatibility with Magento 2.3 

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