My Orders Link & Image M2

Compatible Version
Community 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

The extension allows easily adding product links and images on ‘My Orders’ page. It lets customers effortlessly navigate among ordered products and if wanted go to any product page using a link.

  • Show product links and images on ‘My Orders’ page
  • Let customers go to a product page in one click, using a product page link
  • Select on which tab to display link and image on ‘My Orders’ page: Items Ordered, Invoices, Order Shipments, Refunds tabs.
  • Add links and images on all types of products (simple, grouped, configurable, virtual, bundle, downloadable).


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1-Year support
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By default, ‘My Orders’ page has no visual elements. Customers who buy a lot of items can’t promptly orient and find a particular product, for example, to view its details or to look through shipping information.

Due to the extension, you can increase ‘My Orders’ page usability in one-click. Simple choose ‘Yes’ in the admin panel and your buyers can easily identify products by thumbnails. Moreover, to provide one-click access to detailed information, you can replace product name with product link. A great plus is that you can display images and links on all ‘My Orders’ tabs: Items Ordered, Invoices, Order Shipments, Refunds tabs.


Main Features

Simplify navigation on ‘My Orders’ page

With the easy-to-use extension, product links and images will be automatically added to ordered products. Links and images aimed to help customers efficiently orient among ordered products grid.
Find products by thumbnails 

Customers can directly identify products by their small images without searching among a list of product names. So, customers save their time and efforts.
Provide easy access to an ordered product page

Customers can go to product page of any ordered product in one click directly from ‘My Orders’ grid.
Available for all product types 

No matter which product (simple, grouped, configurable, virtual, bundle, downloadable) a customer orders, all of them include a link and an image on ‘My orders’ page.
Select on which tab to display visual elements

You can choose on which tab to display or not product links and images: Items Ordered, Invoices, Order Shipments, Refunds tabs.


ver. 1.0.2 (January 17, 2019)

1. Improvements:

- compatibility with Magento 2.3.0 was added.

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