How to use discounts effectively in Magento 2 store [7 Marketing Tips]

How to use discounts effectively in Magento 2 store [7 Marketing Tips]

How to use discounts effectively in Magento 2 store [7 Marketing Tips]

Setting discounts and special promotions is inherent part of marketing strategy. Surely, opinions differ, i.e. there is a negative mind that discounts aren’t the best shopping motivator.

But every online-merchant runs discount campaigns during seasonal sales or such days as Black Friday at least ones.   

So, how make discounts working for your business? And not hurt your profits?

1. First of all, make the navigation among discounts convenient

Save time of your customers to search through multiple reduced prices. Yeap, Layered Navigation is used for filtering products according to various attributes. So why not to add the discount filter to it?

If some are in pursuit of the biggest discounts, let them make a few clicks to see products at 70 - 90 % off. No need to scroll all discount offers up and down! Thus, you can increase customer loyalty and raise satisfaction level of buying experience. In other words, you form the core of regular customers who will monitor discounts and special deals in your store.

2. Look at your promotion from a psychological point

3% discount or 30 $ off? What will look more tempting for customers? Turn to the psychological principles and represent reductions in the most favorable way. By doing so, the percentage of a discount can be pretty small, but if you present it in the currency amount, it becomes higher. Suppose, your customers feel the difference and pay attention to higher numbers. It’s up to you show saved money in currency or percentage, but we recommend to test different variants and select the greater one.

3. The physical side of attention-grabbing strategy

As is known, vision is the most active of the five human senses. Every day we pick out and process the vast of information. But attractiveness makes people remember it better and delimit of other things. That is the reason why you need to make a product look more standing out. Attach labels to discounted products, catch the attention of the customers, and subsequently drive your sales. Remember, savings don’t always have to be huge, but they should be noticeable.

4. Clear off old stock

Let’s have a look at the fashion industry example, where the flow of trends is highly active. So, the removing of collections is a regular action to make a place for a new line. Fashion malls use seasonal or periodic sales to get rid of stagnant items. To attract attention to these products, they set on them the highest discounts. Using the discount filter, customers can easily find these favorable offers and speed the process of stock cleaning.

5. Allow to sort products by discount

Segmenting special offers can help to hit the target audience. You don’t need to create separate page with promotions and divide them into groups. The easiest way to group promotions is to embed discount filter in your layered navigation menu. Being in the category, customers can sort products not only by color, size, brand, etc. but also apply filter by discount. So, you suit customers needs with more accuracy. As well, buyers immediately see the discount filter in the layered navigation menu and understand that in this store there are sales.

6. The right wording has an effect on discount perception  

The word choice matters! The way you name special deals and sale promotions influences how customers react to them. In most cases, customers want to obtain a benefit rather than avoid a loss. Test what works better for your company, e.g. ‘Get 20 $ Off’ or ‘Save 20 $’. As well, you could enter any custom text for labels: Special Deals, Hot Summer Sale, Black Friday Sale, etc. to be more specific in your offers.

7. Bundles can drive higher sales

Even a little sum saved can move to action. Imagine that a girl is going to buy, for instance, a nice kit for hair care. It contains a shampoo, conditioner and mask which is at discount. When a label is put on it, searching eyes will definitely catch this beauty set. Thus, if you want to avoid big discounts, cut the price of one single product or two in a bundle. Using our filter and discount display, the whole item appears in the selected discount range marked by a custom label.

Any option has something vital to your business. There is no one-for-all solution, you need time to find the right direction. Test different variants of promotions to explore what can work out. Hope that our advice for your discount strategy would be helpful. We are interested to know about your experience or any other suggestions how discount can perform in a better way. Please, leave comments below.


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