Why your ecommerce business needs a mobile app: 5 key reasons

Why your ecommerce business needs a mobile app: 5 key reasons

Why your ecommerce business needs a mobile app:  5 key reasons

Have you ever thought about launching an app and entering the ubiquitous mobile race? Wondering if a mobile app for your ecommerce business makes sense?

Read on to learn the 5 key reasons why almost every business can benefit from its mobile app. Regardless of what it sells, to whom, and how often.

But before this, just think about the following:

Do you doubt that these statistics anyhow relate to your particular business? While you do, nearly half of ecommerce businesses might get a mobile app launched by this year, Clutch reports.

Here are 5 major reasons why you should consider joining them: 

1. Reach customers effectively

A top of mind reason for launching a mobile app for ecommerce business is the ability to reach out your customers on the go.  Social network integration and push notifications allow you to approach your customers with a timely and relevant message. And with the help of geo-targeting functionality, you can even make it location-specific.

Thus, when a customer is at a short distance from you, your app may serve as a welcoming greeter cordially inviting to drop in for “your favorite boots with a 10%-discount only this week”.

2. Increase revenue

Mobile apps have ceased to be a luxury which only heavy-hitters can afford. However, for most small businesses, a mobile app is still a significant investment. It may quickly pay off and help you ramp up sales if you nail down the right app concept and functionality.

Checkout via mobile, improved shopping experience, mobile payment - there are so many features that may let your customers make quick orders within their beloved mobile devices. (Read between the lines – increase your sales).

3. Generate long-term value

You might have heard about unprecedentedly successful mobile loyalty programs that Starbucks, Belly, Shell, or Nike have put in place.  High rollers have shown the surefire way to win loyal customers via mobile, and small business may learn a good lesson from them.

You can easily tailor a mobile app loyalty program to your business and encourage repeat sales making use of reward strategy, bonus system, and referral programs.

4. Make use of analytics

With the help of a mobile app, you may get lots of useful data about your customers such as responsiveness to particular content/features, user feedback, session lengths, audience persona and demographic.

You may track who’s using your app via real-time reporting and create personalized mobile marketing campaigns.

5. Get ahead of the competition

You still might think that a mobile website is all that your business needs. Like others, you might consider app development service provider a costly endeavor, but it’s not necessarily that if you stick to the steady and wise course.

You may start with an MVP (minimum viable product) and extend its functionality gradually. You may lean upon your customers’ feedback and advance your app in line with their demand. The point is while your competitors doubt and guess, you may start building a loyal pool of mobile users.

Whatever niche and focus your business has, there are mobile features for any taste and budget. You only need to start with careful app concept planning, find a reliable partner, and work out clever app promotion strategy. 

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