GDPR Compliance version 1.2.0. Updated version

GDPR Compliance version 1.2.0. Updated version

GDPR Compliance version 1.2.0. Updated version


Our team is happy to announce that we have updated and released GDPR Compliance ver. 1.2.0. We have fixed all the bags of the previous version. As well, we have added some more essential features which will be useful for meeting the GDPR requirements. Here they are:

Check customers’ consent status on grid

You can add a column to grids of customers to see who have confirmed Privacy Policy/its update or haven't done it yet. There are three types of statuses: Confirmed, Unconfirmed, Unconfirmed after Update. Moreover, there is a filter to know how many users have done this or that action. Thus, you can check confirmation status of your customers. As well you can carry out all data deleting of non-confirmed customers right there, using mass action above the grid, which really simplifies data handling.

Connect previous orders of a visitor to a newly created account

In case a visitor has made orders from you and then decides to create an account, it will have all information from his/her email. It’s very convenient to store personal data in one place for both customers and an admin.

Set the period of data storage in case of default deleting

By default Magento deleting all personal info is deleted except orders data and reviews. You can specify the period to store these bits of info in your database. This info can be helpful for tax accounts or other purposes.

Get notifications of customers/subscribers’ deleting

Be notified of all deleted customers’ accounts or subscribers’ data via email, which you enter in the settings. You will receive notifications whether you set deleting with or without request.

Receive notifications of delete account request to your email

After you set the requirement for customers and subscribers to make a delete request to admin, then specify a necessary email in configurations where you want to get notifications of these requests. So, you will be always informed and not put off to accept them to end the process of deleting.

If you have already bought the extension,you can get the updated version of Magento 2 GDPR free. Click the link in your account to download the new version of GDPR Compliance.

What is more, the next week we are releasing Cookie Mode Pro, which nicely completes the functions of GDPR module.


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