Don’t care about use of cookies on your store with Cookie Mode Pro for Magento 2

Don’t care about use of cookies on your store with Cookie Mode Pro for Magento 2

Don’t care about use of cookies on your store with Cookie Mode Pro for Magento 2

Do you ask customers for a cookie usage permission on your website? Yes? It’s cool.

Or maybe are you still ignoring the law?

If you don’t want to violate GDPR, you can solve the issue not only in the shortest possible time but also in the easiest way.

We’d like to tell you that we have considered your needs and wishes and developed an extension that helps in cookie usage managing. Please, welcome our Cookie Mode Pro for Magento 2. Let’s see, how we find a customizable cookie consent solution.

Main features:

Show a cookie consent notice to customers

Inform your customers about using cookies from the first moment of visiting your store website. Display a popup, where customers can be informed about cookie usage and accept it. Or, if they want, they can use the link there to read detailed information about cookies and disable collection of some categories.

Edit the text of a cookie notice

Write an understandable text of a popup to be clear for everyone why you need using cookies. Provide customers with a link there with extended information about every cookie category and for what purpose you use them.

Allow customers selecting what cookies can be stored

Let your website users choose cookie categories for storage. They can turn on or turn off a particular cookie category with the help of a checkbox on a separate settings page. However, there is a necessary category, which includes system cookies, and customers cannot refuse it.

Add descriptions for every cookie category

You can describe what each cookie category includes. So, customers can clearly understand what types of cookies they would like to enable or disable. On the setting page, they can easily see them as after clicking a category checkbox label, the page will be scrolled to its description.

Create different cookie categories

With the magento extensions, you get a separate page in the admin panel to configure cookie categories. Title each category and choose from multi-select list cookies you want to include into it. As well, you can enter the description of a category.

Organize cookies into various categories

In the admin panel, you will have a grid to which you can add cookies and edit them. Configure them as well into certain categories. Thus, in the cookie settings page, a customer can see a list of all cookies included into a particular category. But admin cannot add the same cookie to different categories for not to duplicate cookies in various types.

Give quick access to cookie settings

Provide customers with a possibility to change cookie categories which were enabled or disabled initially. If they want to do it, they can find a link in the footer and visit a cookie page in one click.

Memorize customers cookie settings

When customers have selected cookies categories, their settings can be memorized. So, customers don’t need to configure them every time when visiting the site. As well, as soon as cookies are accepted and their settings are saved, the notice isn't displayed anymore.

With the Cookie Mode Pro, you can give an alternative to your customers in handling cookie usage on their browser. They get much more freedom related to providing their personal data.

And you benefit as well: you adapt your store to the current cookie requirements. Try it now and be sure that you fully abide by the law.

P.S. the module nicely complements our GDPR Compliance in meeting the requirements of the European regulation.


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