Cookie Mode Pro for Magento 2. Cooming soon

Cookie Mode Pro for Magento 2. Cooming soon

Cookie Mode Pro for Magento 2. Cooming soon

General Data Protection Regulation is already in force. To tell the truth, the use of cookies is mentioned only once in the law, but these few lines mean a lot to all online businesses that process EU citizens data.

The law states:

Natural persons may be associated with online identifiers […] such as internet protocol addresses, cookie identifiers or other identifiers […]. This may leave traces which, in particular when combined with unique identifiers and other information received by the servers, may be used to create profiles of the natural persons and identify them.

To make it short:  cookies are small identifiers of an individual, so they are considered as personal data.

Cookies are generally split into essential and non-essential. The essential cookies are required for properly website working. But other, specific cookies which are used for analytics, advertising and functional services, such as survey and chat tools, are examples of cookies that can identify users. These cookies can give/provide data which tells about customers activity and preferences, so, customers can be easily singled out.

You are more likely acquainted with the phrase ‘By using this website, you accept cookies’ but it doesn’t work anymore. It simply informs but doesn’t give any alternative to users. The GDPR insists on changing it to a more clear message which gives users choice.

So, the question ’How to achieve compliance with Magento 2 GDPR?’ is currently topical. If you are searching for the answer, continue reading. 

Getting consent

Consent must be given through clear and positive opt-in that cannot be misinterpreted. It’s essential not to force users to give only consent, they should have an alternative. Consent should be specific to the different cookie purposes with the ability to enable or disable some cookie categories. The best time to ask consent from the first interaction. Be attentive and avoid pre-ticked opt-in boxes on your website. 

Awareness at the first step 

Any visitor who interacts with your website has right to be aware of what he agrees to. You have to provide them with clear explanations of what cookie categories and to what purposes are used on the website. You can create a special page for cookies where users can get full information and give them an opportunity to choose which cookie category they allow to use. 

Possibility to disable particular cookie categories

To make this possible, you can create a special page for cookie policy where users can obtain complete information. Moreover, you can give the opportunity to adjust their preferences and allow or disallow dropping of particular cookie categories on their computer.  

Right to withdraw consent at any time

After getting the consent, you should allow customers to withdraw their consent at any time. Users must have an ability to easily access cookies page and change their mind. So, provide easy access to opt-out option for all website visitors. 

How to adjust my Magento store to meet all requirements? 

To meet the requirements, you can make specific customizations based on GDPR rules, or preorder the Cookie Mode Pro extension

Cookie Mode Pro is user-friendly and easy in its customization. With the help of it, you can show a popup about cookies on your website just as a visitor has his first interaction. Besides, the extension allows customers to enable or disable different categories of cookies. So it gives customers much more freedom.

  • Display a cookie consent popup.
  • Customize the text of cookie popup. 
  • Add an unlimited number of cookie categories for customers to enable/disable them.
  • Let customers select with a slider which content is allowed to be stored in cookies.
  • Improve a cookie page with descriptions and sliders for every cookie category.
  • Memorize customers’ cookie settings.
  • Notify customers when they accept using not all cookie categories. 

To reach all features list, follow this link


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