We are working on new modules for Magento 2

We are working on new modules for Magento 2

We are working on new modules for Magento 2

Extait team never sleeps! We toil hard on cool modules for Magento 2 and today we’d like to pull back the shroud of secrecy on what new extensions you can soon expect from us. Competitors, pass by. Store owners, take a closer look.

1. Store Locator

This module will allow store owners to display all physical stores within a single page. All essential info on work hours, location on a map, directions, and images will be within easy reach, on one page. And for sure we’ll take care of multiple language support so that your customers, wherever they are, would easily find a near store and read a description in their native language.

We’ve been nursing the idea of this module for Magento 2 long ago and finally, the great deal of work is already done. Looking forward!

2. Discount Page

A lightweight but really helpful module when it comes to displaying discount products. If you hundreds of goods with a wide range of discounts, this module will come in handy. Your customers will be able to not only browse through discount products more conveniently but also filter them by the amount of discount e.g. 10%, 20%, etc.

Are you offering free items or the one that goes as a supplement to other purchase? You customers will see it too and hopefully, astonished and temped with your generosity, will come back more often.

3. Chatbot for Magento 2

Last but not least. A new, improved, version of a Chatbot module for Magento 2 store which would allow you to provide exclusive customer support service. It’s just a nascent idea yet, so marked as TOP SECRET for now, but soon we’ll tell you more.

Stay with us!


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