Top 3 reasons why customers leave (and how to fix it)

Top 3 reasons why customers leave (and how to fix it)

Top 3 reasons why customers leave (and how to fix it)

Online customers are continuously bombarded with choices in every sector. Even if they bought from you once or twice no one can guarantee that they will choose you every time. If an alternative offer comes to your customers at the right time and with the right value, make no doubt - they will consider it.

And if one of these three reasons given below applies – you may say “goodbye” to your customer.

Forewarned is forearmed. Learn the top three reasons why your regular customers may not choose you. And fix it applying our advice.

Reason #1. Prices

You can (and should) temp your customers with super quality customer service and fine-tuned store design. You can (and should) optimize every single area on your site and put in place all those conversion-boosting tips. But the truth is hard. Unless your prices are tempting too, your customers will leave.

Yes, it's painful to admit it. But if the price competition is high in your industry, you have to live following the law of the e-commerce jungle.

Compete on price or competitors will eat you alive.

How to fix

  • Use Price Offer M2, M1 to allow customers to beat your initial price and offer their own one. You simply put "Offer your price" button next to the "Buy now" button.

If a customer visits your store keeping in mind a lower competitor' s price or makes a big order of the same item, he may try to cut the cost down. And it's up to you if to accept this price or not. 

Reason #2. They simply forget about you

If you sell products of frequent use, building customer loyalty is no brainer. You engage them in social networks, you ping them with newsletters, you wish a happy birthday to them and they keep on returning to you as long as you satisfy their needs.

When customers make rare or single purchases, the situation is different.

The products of infrequent use include most of the stuff that we don’t need daily or the one that has a long service life period. As well as we can name here products of exclusive use. Before the purchase customers will compare different parameters, prices, and search for the best option. They find the best option at your store and make a purchase.

And what’s next? Customers leave and forget about you. The next time they need similar product, they repeat the journey from the start. Within a few words typed in Google they get a flow of links with your competitors' offers. If your offer is not on top, small wonder that it will be seen. Recognizing this you must optimize your store for SEO. Regularly. If not, you’re just a couple of keystrokes away from being a memory.

How to fix

  • Close all SEO gaps. Thoroughly research the best keywords including the one your competitors use
  • Use Coupon reminder M2, M1 to engage customers who haven’t purchased for long time. With this extension you may track those clients who haven’t purchased anything from you within a long time and send them coupons automatically.

Reason 3#. Lack of interaction

Maintaining regular integration with your clients is crucial. If you show them that you care, they will appreciate.

There are lots of ways you can communicate with your clients online – SMM, your website, mobile apps, email newsletters are the top of mind. However, if you are bomb them daily with endless offers, irrelevant messages or whatever - chances to lose their patience are directly-proportional to the number or interactions you try to make.

The obvious scenario, if you disregard communicating with your clients you are on your way towards the reason #2. Your customers hardly recall your name the next time they need a product and opt for competitors. 

How to fix

•    Research your audience and plan your newsletters based on different behaviors/types of your customers.

•    Approach with targeted discounts and the most relevant items

As a business owner, you should always focus on customer satisfaction. No client is guaranteed to stay loyal to your brand for a lifetime. However, you can make some certain actions that will help you to lower the chance of losing your clients.

Chose flexible payment approach for some of your products, prompt customers to make a purchase at your store inviting them with discount coupons, and keep in touch with relevant offers. Happy selling!


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