New Magento 2 extensions under construction

New Magento 2 extensions under construction

New Magento 2 extensions under construction

There are never too many good Magento 2 extensions. And guess what? Soon we expect to add two new modules to our Extait’s collection. These new modules aim to advance store’s payment functionality and help administrators manage their multiple Magento stores more efficiently. We are also rethinking already released Coupon Reminder extension so as to improve its functionality. Read on to learn more.

1. NetPay

NetPay Integration extension provides integration with a payment system which is commonly used in Great Britain. We are implementing express integration – at the check-out, a customer may choose NetPay as a payment method. He will be redirected to NetPay Hosted Form to fill all the needed information and complete the payment and return back to continue shopping.

This plugin is fully ready and will soon appear at Extait store.

2. Maintenance page

If you run several Magento stores with multiple store views, don’t miss our upcoming extension Maintenance Page. As an administrator, you will be able to view all store views within one page and efficiently manage all them – enable/disable store views, set a count-down timer “Our new store will appear in 3-2-1 days/hours, etc.”, enable a subscription to get customers notified about new store launch, and customize the design/images.

Our team makes the last brush-up and soon we’ll roll out it hitch free.

3. Rethinking Coupon Reminder

For you to decide which coupons customers get and how we prepare a separate section of coupon display settings. Make your own rules to generate coupons - as much as you wish. Set frequency, notification period, email/pop-up - you will have everything needed so that your coupons come at the right time and to the right customers.

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