10 Best Magento Bloggers from Whom You Need to Learn

10 Best Magento Bloggers from Whom You Need to Learn

10 Best Magento Bloggers from Whom You Need to Learn

Hardly ever in history has it been easier to sip the knowledge from others who is ready to share it with you for free. The Internet is stuffed with podcasts, webinars, e-books, or scrappy articles about whatever you type in the Google search.  However, when it comes to Magento development it gets a little bit more complicated. Enrolling into cohesive course may cost you a fortune, while truly useful books about Magento are in short and scare supply. Therefore, a couple of Magento developer blogs really come in handy.

Want to delve deep into the “leading e-commerce platform”?

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 best Magento bloggers who know Magneto world inside-out and share their knowledge with the community. Development, customization, extensions – they cover everything. Go read them now or bookmark for later, subscribe and learn from them, and improve your Magento skills.

  1. Alan Storm

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The creator of Commerce Bug, Magento debugging lifesaver, the author of No Frills Magento Layout, ultimately useful Magento layout book, Alan Storm considers himself being "still not internet famous". However, every second Magento geek would disagree. Alan is an amazing developer and top contributor on Stack Exchange and for lots of developers he is a true inspirer.

Haven’t you subscribed to his 2 blogs yet? Alan's Home for consistent overviews of Magento's core functionality and Magento Quickies for latest tips on updates in Magento 2? Do it now and dive deep into Magento! Both will be equally interesting and useful to seasoned pros and newbies.

  1. Mark Shust

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15+ years of experience in web development, Zend Certified Engineer, a Magento Certified Developer Plus. Mark Shust is extremely popular in Magento developers’ circle. He is invited to speak at Magento Imagine in Las Vegas. He has architected dozens of extensions over the past few years.

Mark’s blog comes as a bunch of to-the-point tips and guides about Magento and web development. You’ll love his blend of humor and simplicity, and video tutorial will allow you to easily apply everything on practice.

  1. Mukesh Chapagain

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Another techie who has been mastering Magento since 2009, Mukesh runs his Magento developer blog where he covers all-round topics on PHP and Magento development.

His lifehacks may come into handy for all web developers who'd like to learn new snippets and improve their programming skills. His posts get over 100,000 views and lengthy comment threads that abound with grateful feedback from those who looked their questions to get answered.

  1. Tom Robertshaw

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For those who haven't met Tom Robertshaw on Magento forums or meetups, of which he is an inveterate participant, Tom introduces himself as a "Diligent eCommerce and Magento expert with a passion for solving problems through innovation".

Tom freely shares some of his completed projects (29 by now) giving clear explanations and code samples. His blog is a warehouse of knowledge about Magento and PHP development. Check it and you’ll definitely find some valuable piece of information there.

  1. Vinai Kopp

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Being an Instructor of the official Magento U developer training program, and a member of the Magento Certification Advisory Board, Vinai has lots of knowledge to share. Magento expert, developer & trainer, Vinai was one of the first to pass the MCD+ exam.

Vinai is a welcome and demanded guest at Magento conferences and training, community hackathons over the world and his blog is a definitely a must-read.

  1. Ben Marks

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Ben’s track record will make you look at him with admiring envy: 6 years of Magento development, 3 years of training at Magento U, over 1500 hours of in-person and online training to hundreds developers all over the world.

What makes his blog to stand out is that apart from technical information you’ll have a chance to see behind the curtains of developers’ daily life.  His fresh look at Magento community will bring in a hint of diversity into your professional readings. Enjoy.

  1. Phillip Jackson

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Phillip Jackson is like the Grey Cardinal among Magento Influentials who doesn’t claim for the fame. He humbly calls himself a ‘Certified Magento Developer’ however, this person is worth getting a closer look. Phillip has built dozens of e-commerce sites for many weighty brands like Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Papyrus Greeting Cards, Theodora and Callum, Native Remedies and etc.

Phillip runs a blog and fascinating podcasts where he shares his thoughts on next-generation digital commerce. Want to stay up-to-date with the e-commerce trends of tomorrow? Subscribe to Phillip’s blog.

  1. Max Pronko

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Max has long ago become a popular member of the Magento Community. He covers in-depth topics on Magento 2 development, sharing his knowledge via conferences, blogs, and videos.

His blog is a storage of best practices and tutorials on Magento 2 development and eCommerce. If you prefer watching a quick video rather than digging through articles than Max’s YouTube channel will also catch you taste. Check it out.

  1. Paul Rogers

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Paul is an eCommerce / Digital Consultant with over 9 years’ experience in Magento consulting service and auditing. Any problem related to integrations, upgrades, analytics implementations or performance is his area of expertise.

Apart from development tips, at Paul’s blog you may check out his professional observations on e-commerce trends. Comparisons of top e-commerce platforms, reviews, examples of great Magento websites, best practices, useful guides on setting up your Magento in a right way and lots of other interesting stuff – his blog is a true source of inspiration for every e-commerce pro.

  1. Alan Kent

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Alan Ken's Blog is all about Magento. Magento Chief Architect with decades of experience in the tech industry. Alan covers meaningful updates on Magento upgrades and Magento 2 development.

What makes this blog so interesting is that Alans freely shares his personal view on all things related to Magento.  He is the author of a couple great books: Magento 2 Primer: Getting Stuff Done with Magento 2 and Magento 2: Theme Web Page Assets: Getting Stuff Done with Magento 2.

What does make Magento a top eCommerce platform? Among other things, it has the best community of adherents who daily put their efforts into growing Magento and turning it into what we have today. These are the Magento eCommerce experts who are actively contributing their knowledge and keeping the community highly interactive. And learning from them is a great way to improve your Magento coding skills. Just do it!

Have we missed your favorites? Do you run a Magento developer blog and share useful information about Magento? Let us know in the comments, we’ll update the list.


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