Why you need email validation in Magento store

Why you need email validation in Magento store

Why you need email validation in Magento store

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Welcome to our blog. We are happy that you drop in to read this article. Here you find how to maintain your mailing list clean and valid. Learn from our own mistakes and our clients experience how to improve mailing campaigns and not to send email blasts in vain.

Let see how we’ve coped with that and even have been better off.

As any e-commerce store, we wanted to make the best ever advertising campaign. Surely, we considered all essentials. We carefully chose the words for topic and the first sentence in a preview line. The marketing team worked hard on our offer, the wording to translate it and clear calls-to action, and wrapped all in a designed templates that highlighted the character of the brand. Sent to quite impressive subscribers list and began waiting for response, i.e. sales.

But things didn’t work out.

That was followed by the question: Why? Every detail was accounted. Marketing team had spent much effort and resources to make it. Can you notice the one thing we had missed?

It’s email deliverability.

Even great campaign can bounce, invalid or abandoned addresses. There are various reason how they can get into customers base: bots subscribed to newsletters, customers forgot that they registered or subscribed, typos while entering address, etc. Moreover, mailing could hit in the Spam or the Google Promotions folder. All in all, an email wouldn’t be open ever! Or even worse consequences can happen that the server fell to spam. 


Let’s combat this challenge

So that’s the point to start taking action. Therefore, if we could help ourselves so we could give advice to our customers to tackle this issue. Being first movers, initially we thought:

“Possibly our mail base includes interested customers. We need to save them while other trash to weed out. But how? Send emails to confirm the subscription? It’s not the best variant as they may be send to nowhere one more time.  

Maybe should we ask for their determination right after registration? Many sites have single or double opt-in. But a user has already made an effort to get something from us, he is interested already. And we want to make him done one more action. It's needed something else that is more user-friendly and comprehensive.”

Due to the fate and fortunes we meet Zerobounce. They provide us with the tool that removes bounces, makes email list healthy and helps to avoid trapping in spam. It turned out that we killed two (even more!) birds with one stone.

Less time, less work, more real people

Our marketing department was happy that there was no manual work, nobody needed to have super IT experience and involvement. The thing was to run our list through an email validator and allowed it to delete all the harmful and useless email addresses. As well, we prevented bad emails come to it by installing an email validation API to check emails on registration, checkout, subscription, customer edit and contact forms. Since that time, the list is clean and safe to use. No bots, only conscious humans.

Saved money

During our campaigns, we used Mailchimp that is actually free. But it was limited to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers. So we paid extra fee for every email that beyond that number. Using an email verification service can relief from this unnecessary loses. It’s simple - the less fake or dead addresses there are in your database, the more money can be saved.

Maintained reputation and no spam issue

One of the reasons why the campaign can have failed: went to the spam folder or wasn’t delivered at all by email service providers (ESPs). No wonder that often subscribers mark emails as spam. By doing this, they signal to their ESPs that the stuff is bothering them. So no one wants to be in the blacklist. As the tool detects accounts that have a history of clicking the Spam button, and advise to weed them out, it’s not a fear for us anymore.

Got more than that

We’d like to know the people to whom we wanted to sell to. And the email verifier also found missing information for email accounts, such as name, gender, city, country, IP.  As a result our e-marketing became even more targeted. The chances to increase sales are higher when someone starts reaching subscribers more personally.

The bottom line. How this situation has help us and what conclusions have we arrived at?

Having a large email list is not a success. Its quality matters more for email marketing strategy. it’s better to find out that people put fake emails in your base before starting a campaign.

Simple pushing the Send button and hoping for the best is not a good strategy for delivering an email campaign and seeing a strong return on investment. It’s a great zeal.

P.S. If you enjoyed our results, don’t wait for the best moment to use Magento 2 email verification extension. Zero Bounce Email Validator is already available for integration into your store. Check your mailing list now!


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